The Artist

Sarah Jansen has been a visual artist her whole life. Working with many different mediums, she found her passion for makeup artistry in 2005 when she starting working on a whim for MAC Cosmetics. She remained with the company for nearly ten years where she was trained in depth and given the opportunity to work at many different high level industry events and fashion shows. Today, Sarah is an independent artist running her own successful makeup business. She truly feels like she gets to live out her dreams daily doing what she loves in the art of makeup design. 

Sarah Jansen

Climbing Glaciers One Day Contouring Faces The Next


From Alaska to New York, she can't get enough adventure in her life. Hiking, rafting, backpacking, camping, fishing, exploring. She has a hunger for adrenaline and trying something new

A Medium a Day Keeps The Doctor Away


Practicing all mediums, large and small. Sarah is constantly pushing her artistic abilities to new levels. Making it a commitment to herself, Sarah introduces a new medium, or art form, into her life at least twice a year. From oil painting to wood burning, carpentry to stained glass. Sarah is truly a Jackie of all trades

Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend


I wouldn't be where I am, or who I am today, without the unwavering, undying, constant support of my family and friends. I feel truly humbled and blessed to be able to do what I love everyday, because of all of you